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Selected feedback

  • "I am delighted by your artwork. And also delighted to read that you are Gummi Bear fan. I co-created the TV series back in 1984 for Disney, and I was the Story Editor for the first two seasons. I hope to be teaching in Germany next year for an Animation Writing Seminar. Maybe our paths will cross! Best, Jymn Magon (United States)"
  • "Hi Sandra, I was happy to see your comments on my blog. I had visited your site several times while I was looking for reference. You probably have more DW art around the web than anybody. I really like your stuff, it has a lot of life to it. Keep up the good work. I wish I could get an issue to everyone in Europe. I don't know if you read the comment I made on my blog but Boom Studios can only distribute in the US and the European fans need to get in touch with Gemstone to get it published there. In any event I'm going to Comic Con this year and will hopefully be able to grab extra copies there. I'm not promising anything but if I can get extras, you'll be at the top of the list. Plus the writer and I will be signing copies along with series creator Tad Stones. Anyway, I see you are a true fan so I'm anxious for you to get a copy to read. I hope we did it justice. Take care, James Silvani (Hawai'i, USA)"
  • "I have always loved your gallery, particularly the Darkwing Duck art. I always come back to it and remember the time I went through my Darkwing Duck phase in 2008-2009. Your artwork is timeless and continues to inspire me to become a better artist. Will always look forward to new things from you. Keep up the good work and take care! :) Robyn (Texas, USA)"
  • "Darkwing Duck ist der Held meiner Kindheit und obwohl er oft nur als Anspielung auf das Superheldengenre angesehen wird ist er der einzig wahre, wirkliche Held. Er ist ein Symbol für das Wiederaufstehen und ein Vorbild wenn es um die wirklich wichtigen Dinge geht. Ich habe heute erst deine Seite gefunden über das Bild "The only one there ever was" und bin absolut beeindruckt. Es sind besonders die Werke mit Darkwingbezug, welche voller Passion und Liebe stecken und mich zum Staunen verführen. Ich bin ein Fan von Darkwing Duck und jetzt auch ein Fan von deinen Werken. Alex (Germany)"